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Thank you Miami-Dade for passing referendum 362. Your vote of confidence means that our children will be safer and educators will continue creating A+ schools while receiving the salaries they deserve!


1. Invest in Education

Miami-Dade schools have demonstrated excellent performance. We need to invest in attracting and retaining the best educators for our children.


2. Educators Need Support

A recent Miami Herald article showed that teachers in Miami-Dade county can only afford the bottom 9% of housing. Many teachers that leave the profession cite low pay as the main reason. We need teachers to be able to live in the communities they serve. The referendum will support salaries that will help keep great teachers in our schools.


3. Safety

After the horrifying events of Marjory Stoneman Douglas last year, we are all concerned about safety. The referendum will support increased safety efforts. Schools will be able to provide more safety staff and greater training for employees.


4. Local Control = Local Benefit

Miami-Dade County sends millions of tax dollars to Tallahassee that is given to other Florida counties. This money is different. All of the funds from this referendum will be kept locally to benefit our children and our schools. We can control how the money is spent locally.


5. Retention

Urban schools have been shown to lose almost 20% of staff each year. Studies show that teacher experience is important for student gains. We need to be able to keep good teachers in all Miami-Dade schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we do this? Isn't this the Florida Legislature's job?
  • We need to do this because the Florida Legislature has failed to properly fund public schools for nearly twenty years.
  • This year, despite a surplus of nearly a billion dollars, the legislature increased school funding in Miami-Dade by just $.47 a student.
  • We need to do this because unlike regular property tax dollars, this money does not need to be shared with the other 66 Florida counties.
Why should I vote for this if it is going to make my property taxes go up?
  • We need the ability to pay teachers a competitive salary. Miami-Dade county is ranked second only to Monroe for highest cost of living in Florida.
  • In other counties that have passed similar measures, the increase to employees was over $4000.00 a year. This will help recruit and retain great educators.
  • If passed, the property tax increase will be for .75 Mils. This means $.75 increase for every $1000 of taxable property value (not market value) or just $187.50 for a $250,000 home.
How much money will be generated, and what will the money be used for?
  • Based on recent data, the Superintendent has estimated that the referendum would generate approximately $232 million dollars a year for 4 years.
  • Salary and compensation increases for instructional staff.
  • Increased funding for school safety and security.
What can I do to help?
  • Get involved. UTD has many opportunities to volunteer. We need to tell everyone in the community to vote yes. Join us for a door to door walk!
  • Make sure you and everyone in your home are registered to vote and vote by mail! Every vote will count.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to vote yes! Help distribute leaflets at schools in your area. Speak to your UTD Building Steward for opportunities.

Ballot Language

Referendum to Approve Ad Valorem Levy for Teachers, Instructional Personnel, School Safety and Security Shall the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, levy 0.75 mills of ad valorem taxes for operational funds (1) to improve compensation for high quality teachers and instructional personnel, and (2) to increase school safety and security personnel, with oversight by a Citizen Advisory Committee, beginning July 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2023?

Referendo para aprobar gravamen ad valórem para maestros, personal de instrucción, y seguridad escolar ¿Deberá la Junta Escolar del Condado de Miami-Dade, Florida, imponer un gravamen de 0.75 milésimas de los impuestos ad valórem para los fondos operativos de modo de (1) mejorar la compensación para maestros y personal de instrucción de calidad superior, y (2) reforzar la seguridad escolar y el personal de seguridad, bajo la supervisión de un Comité de Asesoría Ciudadana, a partir del 1 de julio del 2019, y hasta el 30 de junio del 2023?

Referandòm pou Apwouve Prelèvman Taks Baze sou Valè pou Pwofesè, Pèsonèl Anseyan ak Sekirite Lekòl Èske Asanble Edikasyon Konte Miami-Dade, Florid la, dwe prelve 0.75 milyèm dola taks daprè valè pou fon fonksyònman (1) pou amelyore salè pwofesè ak pèsonèl anseyan ki trè kalifye yo, e (2) pou ogmante pwoteksyon lekòl ak anplwaye sekirite nan lekòl yo, sou sipèvizyon yon Komite Konsiltatif Sitwayen, kòmanse 1ye jiyè 2019 pou fini 30 jen 2023?

Yes/Sí/Wi 362

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